Raid Schedule

Progression Raiding

Difficulty: Heroic and Mythic
Attendees: Executive rank and higher.  Trials may also be invited.

  • Sunday: 8:30pm – 11:30pm Server Time (EST)
  • Monday: 8:30pm – 11:30pm Server Time (EST)

Optional Casual Raiding

Difficulty: Normal for the most part – possibly Heroic at the end of the tier.
Attendees: Anyone from the guild is welcome.  Minimum gear requirements are very low.

  • Saturday: 8:30pm – 11:30pm Server Time (EST)

Guild Ranks

This is the leader of the guild (and in this case, our raid leader).

This is the co-leader of the guild. Final decisions still go through the GM.
The GM’s and Co-GM’s alts will sit at this rank.

This rank is reserved for those that have strong and proven leadership and will be involved in all major guild decisions.

Sr. Executive:
This rank is reserved for those that have shown incredible dedication, commitment and loyalty to the guild. This rank will be involved in most guild decisions.

Executive: (Raiding Rank)
This rank is reserved ONLY for those main characters that are on the Heroic/Mythic raiding roster. A person can only have one toon at this rank.
NOTE: A player could be demoted from this rank if they are no longer raiding or have shown incredibly poor attendance.

This rank is for trusted members of EHI. Promotion to this rank happens after a period of time or if they are “vouched for” by a current shareholder or above in the guild. Alts of Executives and Sr. Executive will sit at this rank.

This is the default entry-level rank for EHI. It’s not bad to be at this rank – and it’s quite easy to make it to shareholder.

Village Idiot:
This rank is for the village idiot. You do not have chat ability in this rank. This rank is usually for those that are acting foolish and can’t handle guild chat.

Guild Policies

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Raid Policies

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