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Mythic Uldir

Only 4 attempts for Mythic Taloc!

Mother also wasn’t too tough considering we went in with only 18 people!  I’ll keep this post updated with the most recent kill shots!

Update: Zek’voz down! 1/14/2019 – Better late than never!

Heroic Uldir

Heroic Uldir down!

Great work getting Heroic Uldir down.  Next up we’re working on Mythic!

About Epic Holdings Inc

Epic Holdings Inc exists to aid and unite its members towards a common goal: To experience ALL the best content this game has to offer in a progressive manner and add to our capabilities by equipping each other accordingly.

Website Update

Real life has been quite busy for me the past few weeks, but I’m still trying to find time to work on the new website as the time becomes available. If you haven’t already, please use the Contact page to send us feedback on information / features you’d like to see.

Here’s a list of the planned features so far in no particular order:

  • Raid Roster page – A page dedicated to showcasing the characters that make the Mythic Raid team possible.
  • Albums – I’ll be scouring the screenshots folder for some older Kill Shots and making them available on the Albums page.
  • Forums – Similar to the old guild website, we will be including forums that can be used for slightly slower than discord communications.
  • Design – Although we like the current website theme there are some challenges with getting all the pages to look exactly how we want them to.  We may be experimenting with new themes in the coming weeks.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and we’re always looking for help.  If anyone has a specific interest in helping build up the website or helping out with any guild related tasks in game don’t hesitate to let us know!



New Website!

If you haven’t figured it out yet… Epic Holdings Inc is working on a new website!  The old website was the right price, but felt very limited in what we could customize.  We’ve decided to give self hosting a shot… well… not really “self” hosting… we purchased a 3 year plan with a hosting service.  Depending how things go, we may just continue to work off the live website so don’t be surprised if you see some weird pages or error messages showing up over the next few weeks (maybe months).  Things will settle down once we’re happy with the default look / feel and function of the site.

That being said… especially with all of the new recruits we’ve picked up recently, we’re curious if anyone has lots of web development experience that would like to be involved in getting things functional?  This includes experience with the following:

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Graphic Design
  • Image / Video Editing

Even if you don’t have any web experience, if you’re interested in helping produce some content for the site, let us know.